SINIKON Standard series

Polypropylene spigot-end sewer pipes and fittings are designed for domestic wastewater systems inside the buildings with a maximum temperature of constant drains up to 80 ° C and short-term (within 1 minute) drains with a temperature up to 95 ° C. It is allowed for chemically aggressive drains with the pH value from 2 (acidic medium) to 12 (alkaline medium).

The length of SINIKON pipes: 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 mm.

The length of SINIKON pipes is measured from the end to the socket end basis in accordance with GOST 32414 / EN 1451 rules.

Advantages of SINIKON Standard series:

Regulatory framework for manufacturing products

Certificate №6347 issued by SKZ-Testing GmbH (Germany).

Certificate # ROSS RU. SL16.H01790 issued by “NIIMosstroy”

Product release in accordance with DIN EN 1451-1

Product release in accordance with Russian National State Standard GOST 32414-2013.



Wastewater sewage of household and industrial drains inside buildings.


STANDART DN 110*2.7 РР -Н L=1000 000 "СИНИКОН"


STANDART – name of series;

DN 110*2.7 – nominal diameter and min. wall thickness; РР-Н – raw material, polypropylene homopolymer;

L=1000 – length in mm from the end to the socket end basis;

ГОСТ 32414-2013 – Russian National State Standard for compliance with which the pipe is certified;

Ü – German mark of quality conformity (licence); EN 1451 – European certificate for compliance with which the pipe is certified;

В – application field of pipes in accordance with EN 1451;

Л1 – line number


Grey metallic

Counterfeit protection. Brand awareness.


Polypropylene PP-H

NO secondary raw material additives. Service life not less 50 years.

Sealing ring

Double-lipped sealing ring made of SBR rubber supplied by M.O.L.

Guarantee of leaks absence and appearance of offensive odors for the entire period of service life.

Wall thickness

D32, 40, 50 – 1.8+0.4 mm, D110 – 2.7+0.5 mm.

In accordance with Russian National State Standard GOST 32414-2013 European certificate EN 1451.

Drain temperature

80°С – constantly                95° – temporary

Not afraid of high-temperature drains from washing machines and dishwashers, etc.


Quality control

Triple steps

During manufacturing period, acceptance of lot, laboratory tests.

Annual audit of production plant with sampling and its testing in the laboratory for compliance with the requirements of EN 1451 by German Institute SKZ.

Annual audit of the QMS system by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH.


10 years

Warranty period of production for plant defects.


10 000 000 rubles

Insurance in the event of harm to life, health or property caused as a result of deficiencies of SINIKON products by Rosgosstrakh.


Product range

More than 70 types of products

A wide range of sewage system components.


Plant is located in the territory of New Moscow

Plant is situated in the industrial area of Troitsk, Moscow.


Own central warehouse



Convenient delivery, without arrival for Moscow MKAD Ring Road