SINIKON Comfort series

Considering all the obvious advantages of plastic sewerage systems there is a disadvantage - increased noise level of the system during operation. To reduce this gap SINIKON developed and mastered the release of SINIKON Comfort white pipe system and fittings with reduced noise level.

Comfort SINIKON pipes and fittings are made of modified polypropylene.

Using such kind of polypropylene allows to increase the density of the material from 0.9 g / cm3 (pure polypropylene) to 1.2 g / cm3 for SINIKON Comfort pipes and fittings.

Based on test results carried out at the Acoustics Department of the Physics Faculty of the Lomonossov Moscow State University the noise level of SINIKON Comfort system is twice lower than standard ones an comparable to the noise level of famous European system VALSIR Triplus with low-noise effect.

            In order to reduce the noise level of the sewage system it is necessary:

- choose a pipe with high noise-absorbing characteristics,

- properly design and install a sewage system.

It is not possible to obtain a reduced noise level by incorporating the elements of the SINIKON COMFORT system into the existing system made of conventional plastic pipes.


Advantages of SINIKON Comfort series

Regulatory framework for manufacturing products

Certificate № ROSS RU.AG39.H01331

Product release in accordance with technical specification 4926-030-42943419-2008 (absence of Russian National State Standard GOST)



Wastewater sewage of household drains inside buildings with enhanced comfort.



Visibility. Property of low-noise sewerage.




ТУ 4926-030-42943419-2008 Л2 ЗАСТРАХОВАНО "РОСГОССТРАХ "

COMFORT – name of series;

РР-М – material, polypropylene modified;

110*3.4 – nominal diameter and min. wall thickness;

ТУ 4926-030-42943419-2008 – technical specification for compliance with which the pipe is certified;

Л2 – line number.


Polypropylene PP-H with mineral fillers


25-30% increased density in comparison with Standard.


Sealing ring

Double-lipped sealing ring made of SBR rubber supplied by M.O.L.

Guarantee of leaks absence and appearance of offensive odors for the entire period of service life.


Wall thickness of pipes

D32, 40, 50 – 1.8+0.4 mm, D110 – 3.4+0.5 mm.

Increased wall thickness.


Wall thickness of fittings

D110 – 3.4+0.5 mm.

Reinforced fittings with increased wall thickness. (The only Russian manufacturer).

Drain temperature

80°С – constantly                95° – temporary

Not afraid of high-temperature drains from washing machines and dishwashers, etc.


Comparative noise level

SINIKON Comfort – 24 dBa;

SINIKON Standard – 28dBa (50% higher);

VALSIR Triplus – 24 dBa.

Confirmed by the measurements

of test laboratory "Ecology of vital space" on the model of a 3-storey riser collected in the muffled chamber of the Acoustics Department of the Physics Faculty of the Moscow State University.


Quality control

Triple steps

During manufacturing period, acceptance of lot, laboratory tests.

Annual audit of the QMS system by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH.


10 years

Warranty period of production for plant defects.


10 000 000 rubles

Insurance in the event of harm to life, health or property caused as a result of deficiencies of SINIKON products by Rosgosstrakh.




New generation of internal sewerage system with reduced noise level.

In order to increase the level of household comfort due to further noise level reducing of sewerage system SINIKON company at the end of 2017 started the production of the updated series of pipes and fittings - SINIKON COMFORT PLUS system equipped with SINIKON clamps with reduced sound conductivity made of polypropylene block copolymer with damper inserts.

High values of mechanical loss coefficient in polymers provide a decrease in sound impact by 20 ÷ 25 dB.

The new pipes SINIKON COMFORT PLUS D110 series S14 according to GOST ISO 4065-2005, have a wall thickness of 3.8 + 0.5 mm, which is 12% more than the pipes of SINIKON COMFORT D110 S16 series of the first generation. A pipe SINIKON COMFORT PLUS D50 series S14 have a wall thickness of 2.0 + 0.4 mm, which is 10% more than the pipes SINIKON COMFORT D50 S16 series of the first generation.

System retrofit will let to move forward to a qualitatively new level of internal sewerage systems with a reduced noise level.